Property Management Elevated!

Interactive “3D digital-twins” for your properties. 

The first fully interactive 3D digital twin your can share to anyone at anytime to any device.

Plan, Document, Connect, Share, Visualize, Execute and Archive…perfect for:

Workplace Violence Compliance

School Safety Plans

Maintenance Locator

Task Assignment & Tracking

Event & Location Planning

Layouts, Designs, Space Plans

Visual Asset Locations

Building Data Integrations

AI powered software that helps you generate 3D floor plans fast.

Share and communicate instantly between teams, vendors, suppliers and service providers.

The first cloud based and cross-platform 3D for on-the-go projects.

Design, Plan, Visualize, Track, Connect, and Share.

Go beyond...templatize, duplicate, share

Make copies of your floor plans for different use cases. 

Internal and external. Such as safety plans, maintenance notes, event planning, asset tracking.

Choose who gets access, and who doesn't

Full User Access Control. 

With just an email, instantly add, remove, or change the role of people in your organization or people that only need short term access. 

Display, Visualize and Interact with your property.

Integrate vital property information, such as security camera feeds, access control alerts, energy usages, asset location & tracking, and anything custom. 

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