The Future of Public Safety.

The first 3D software that puts you in control of your floor plans.

Help first responders get to locations up to 50% faster.

Provide accurate, updated, and real-time floor plans in the hands of first responders.

AI powered software that helps you generate 3D floor plans fast.

Share and communicate instantly between staff and first responders.

The first cloud based, cross-platform mobile 3D software.

Share accurate floor plans.

Go beyond...templatize, duplicate, share

Make copies of your floor plans for different use cases. Internal and external. Such as safety plans, maintenance notes, event planning, asset tracking.

User Access Control: Privacy Matters

Full User Access Control. With just an email, instantly add, remove, or change the role of people in your organization or people that only need short term access. 

Integrate real-time security camera feeds.

Not just a fancy 3D floor plan experience.  Share the location of your security cameras with first responder incident managers.  They can see the live footage in real-time.

Our technology, services & benefits.

Our technology

  • AI assisted 2D to 3D from just a floor plan image
  • Real-time 3D editor
  • Cross platform
  • Chat & communicate
  • Invite & collaborate in real-time
  • Secure servers

Our services

  • Account set up with floor plan clean ups
  • Validation & accuracy assessment/consultations
  • Onboard training, self-paced online available
  • Premium technical and customer support 

Key benefits

  • Cost effective & affordable
  • Designed for any skill level
  • Control & manage access
  • Templatize floors for additional usages 
  • Congruence: iOT/Sensors/Security Camera feed integrations/Access Control

Use case:
Real-time information save lives.

Invite first responders

Share your floor plans to a first responder with just their email. Providing…room usages, barriers, furniture layouts, fire hydrant locations, water shut offs, electrical rooms, oxygen,  camera location with integrated live streams. 

Security managers

While in route, incident response managers can get crucial information, view camera footages and relay vital information to on-site teams.                                                                                                

On-site teams

Timely information, fastest routes, # of floors, rooms and layouts.  Incident response managers can even invite the on-site team to the 3D project to their own mobile device.                         

In moments of crisis, every second matters.

Sharing accurate, real-time information is crucial to assist first responders in saving all lives involved.  

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